Canadian Overseas Airlines

Canadian Overseas Airlines (COA), as a support airline, undertakes to provide immediate managerial, technical, operational, commercial and equipment support, to airlines around the world. Furthermore, it is by virtue of our commercial and technical services ties worldwide that COA is able to offer this full support to our clients.
COA has the experience and the expert staff to manage and operate all aspects of an airline's operation on an ongoing basis. Such management can include management development and technical training of an airlines staff. This assistance can be provided to startup, developing or established commuter, regional and international airlines operating jet or turbo-prop aircraft.
Airlines worldwide face challenges of deregulation, globalization and the emergence of major carriers. Airlines must restructure and develop strategies to meet the rapidly changing aviation environment.

COA can provide expert support in the areas of:

  • corporate privatization
  • strategic planning
  • fleet and route planning
  • commercial alliance development
  • merger and acquisition planning and management
  • management development
  • staff training
The current global environment of fleet change and aircraft acquisition, coupled with the recent and ongoing changes resulting from the emerging regional airlines present more opportunities than ever for COA. Economic downturn provides increased market potential in the COA market.

New aircraft orders from the worlds major airlines are now in excess of 300 Billion dollars. The phasing in of this equipment has made available large numbers of existing aircraft. These aircraft in turn have enabled the small and less structured operators to replace even older and maintenance intensive equipment. The opportunities for COA in this sector are limitless.